The influence of the way we use ourselves is operating either for or against us every 

moment of our lives.

-FM Alexander 

What is the

Alexander Technique?

F.M. Alexander was an actor suffering from a voice problem.


He discovered he was creating tension in his neck and chest as he breathed in.  In trying to change his habits, he discovered he couldn't really separate his muscle movements from his thinking and attitude of mind.  Alexander later found that nearly everyone uses excessive tension in ordinary everyday activity.

The Alexander Technique encourages self-awareness and less effortful thinking and movement. The use of the teacher's hands to gently release nervous tension is an important element.



Anne Morley -  I qualified as an Alexander Teacher in 1987 and have been teaching in Duns Tew since then. I enjoy teaching all ages and find it as rewarding to work with school children as well as elderly pupils. Amongst my pupils are riders, violinists, office workers, gardeners, hairdressers, yoga students and teachers, all of whom are helped by lessons.


I'm a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).

Is It For Me?

The Alexander Technique is available for everyone. I have worked with people from all walks of life from aristocrats to gardeners, from nurses to nuns. I have taught schoolchildren and people in their eighties.

The Technique is particularly helpful for

  • Back, neck and postural problems

  • Stress 

  • Injuries and illnesses affecting mobility and balance 

  • Voice problems and public speaking 

  • Breathing problems 

  • Pregnancy and post-natal care 

  • Occupations and interests (e.g. music, riding, golf) where skilful use of the body is at a premium

Many people are taking lessons to prevent deterioration of their posture in the future.

The Technique is very helpful for anyone interested in personal development as it works with the whole person.



Alexander lessons are very informal. You wear normal (preferably loose) clothes. You have to take your shoes off. Lessons normally last 40 - 45 minutes.


I encourage pupils to be actively involved in lessons and to be self aware of their habits and to create new ones.


Lessons are 45 minute lesson is £45. Lessons shared between two persons are for one hour and cost £60.


Concessions are available for those who need them - I do not want the cost to bar anyone who wants to learn the Technique.